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Victory Information (Pvt) Ltd is one of Sri Lanka’s fastest and most high-quality software development companies with an exceptional SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) process to bring the best and highly satisfied software services and software services to the customers!

We are a company built upon transparency, respect and superior quality which in return provides our valued customers with a service that ensures trust, ascendancy and deliverance. This creates a superior relationship between the customer and the product!

We believe that our commitment to providing fast and effective software solutions has positively impacted the software industry. Our dedication and responsibility enable us to produce outstanding, low-cost software solutions in the least possible production time. The perseverance and attentiveness of our highly skilled team provide innovative new technological solutions through cost-effective and reliable software solutions!

With over 10 years of stellar reputation and trust with over 600+ clients islandwide, Victory Information (Pvt) Ltd, offers its specialised services to any industry across all industrial purposes. Keeping in mind that being different through simplicity and dynamism, Victory Information (Pvt) Ltd acts on a slogan to deliver the highest standards in the software development industry!


We are in this information technology based human resource management with leading client based in Sri Lanka for more than 12 years. We would say we are the stable and most reliable company you can trust. Consisting companies of IT sector, security service provider, movers and logistics, building and road Construction Company, Luxury travels and tours, electrical and surveillance products importers, sea food exporters and mass media Company.


Our vision is to Become the number 1 Human Resource Solutions Provider in Sri Lanka!


Our mission is to be committed to bringing the best Human Resource Management software and service offerings to Sri Lanka. With our diversified software engineers, and highly qualified and well-trained staff, we assure to provide deliverable business strategies to ensure our customers receive the best and utmost satisfaction through our softwares and services!


Our business distinguishes with the requirements and demands for customisable software solutions, products and services. Victory Information’s products and services enable our valued customers’ requirements to modify our products to match their needs.

We secure our trust with our customers to bring the software solutions they need for the smooth operation of their businesses by;

  • Helping our customers to maximise the potential and benefits of the software.
  • Work in partnership and strive for excellence throughout the entire customer journey.
  • Fully understand our customer's business needs.
  • Provide high levels of service and ongoing support.
  • Build strong and long-lasting relationships by working in collaboration with customers, suppliers, business partners, and employees.


At Victory Information (Pvt) Ltd, we consider our software solutions, products and services as the foundation that builds a business. We ensure our software solutions, products and services adhere to the industry standards and procedures, enhancing efficiency and productivity in our customer’s organisations. We also make sure that we maintain our company reputation, obligation and loyalty across our clientele islandwide.

Our aim is to innovate and develop software and other related solutions that are needed by businesses to enhance their business performance through digitisation and technology. We assist businesses by facilitating software solutions for requirements that need systematic attention to overcome the challenges they are facing. For effective and efficient management processes services such as outsourcing and consultations are also being provided by Victory Information (Pvt) Ltd.

Our brands are certified with quality assurance, consistency and transparency where our highly qualified and specialised team of software developers, designers, engineers and marketers ensures the development and distribution of superior software and technologies.


Victory Information (Pvt) Ltd’s software solution systems are the pinnacle of our business strategy which directly perform with our overall goal of achieving the highest software standards.

We collaborate with our information technology specialists to invent the fastest and most demanded software systems to address any industrial needs to assist businesses with cost-cutting software system solutions!

While establishing our high-quality system automation to adjust according to business compliances, we assure to deliver a standardised framework that enhances and defines the activities and deliverables of a business. For this, we use our uniquely developed software system ranges that categorise system requirements from H2SO4 – HRIS, Time and attendance system, POS system, Meal tokens, Access Control systems to Inventory Management systems and even Student Management systems.

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Our products are specifically designed by our professionals to deliver competence and competitiveness through cutting-edge technology!

We guarantee our products meet our customer’s utmost requirements to handle a smooth business management flow with our uniquely designed products to enhance security, safety, staff performances and even sales drive. These products are carefully invented with industrial demands, with advanced engineering and for the welfare of an organisation!

Victory Information (Pvt) Ltd is one of the leading software developers in Sri Lanka who are focused on combining hi-tech information technology and compatible software solutions to introduce favourable and productive devices to the industry

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We maintain our services at a higher standard but with an economical prospect to provide our valued customers with a service of a lifetime with excellent customer service, transparency of services and effectual customer satisfaction.

Our services extend from Outsourcing to professional consultations. Whenever our customers require any speciality in information technology, human resources or payroll processes, Victory Information (Pvt) Ltd has the perfect solution with qualified and well-trained staff to address them swiftly. Our specialised staff are dedicated to manoeuvring with their highest standards and experience to deliver our customers a professional outcome and customer gratification!

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Our Story

History 2010

Born / Introduction of Time and Attendance System

History 2012

H2SO4 System / Point of Sales System

History 2015

Introduction of RFID Event Management System

History 2017

Private Limited registration / Employee Self Portal

History 2020

Initiation of RFID Library Automation System/ Student Management System / Inventory Management System

History 2022

Expanded to Security and Janitorial Management System / H2SO4 new version / Meal Automation System

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