Time and Attendance System

Our simple and cost-effective time and attendance software is a tool used by organizations to keep track of their employees’ work hours, breaks, and attendance. It automates the process of recording, calculating, and reporting attendance data, making it easier for HR and payroll teams to manage their workforce. Automating routine administrative tasks can help organizations improve accuracy, reduce errors, and save time and money.  Also our time and attendance system provide insights into workforce productivity and help managers make informed decisions about staffing needs.

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Features of the System


The time and attendance system’s main menu is the primary gateway to access the various features and functionalities of the application, and it is often well organized to help users find what they need quickly and easily.

Main menu

Company details

Breaking departments in a time and attendance system involve creating sub-categories of employees based on their department, team, or location to accurately track their working hours, attendance, and leave data for payroll and labour law compliance purposes.



Work shifts in the time and attendance system ensure accurate tracking of employee work hours, scheduling shifts effectively, and managing overtime and labor costs efficiently.


Employee Grade / Sections/category

The objective of the rostering group in the time and attendance system is to plan, oversee, and manage the employees’ work-related activities. Employees are organized into the rostering group according to specified criteria, such as job function, skill set, or work schedule.

Roster Group

Roster Creation

In the time and attendance system, an employee profile is a detailed record that contains personal, employment-related, and payroll-related data about the employee and is used for scheduling, tracking attendance, and processing payroll.

Employee information

Shift parameters

The calendar function in a time and attendance system allows employers to view and manage employee work schedules, holidays, and time-off requests, and to generate reports on attendance and work hours for payroll.



In the time and attendance system, uploading data entails inputting information into the system, whereas downloading data entails exporting information from the system, such as attendance, work-hour, and leave records, for analysis or payroll processing.

Data download and USB upload

Manual adjustments

The time and attendance system allows the configuration of attendance-capturing devices. It also allows the removal and adding new devices as per the company’s requirements.

Configuring attendance capturing devices

Users and user permissions

Victory Information’s time and attendance is equipped with the ability to process the attendance daily as well as monthly.

Processing attendance daily and monthly